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Tendu Leave (Diospyros)

It has carminative, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antitumor activity.
The leaves of this tree is used as wrapping paper for cigarettes Nirdosh.
The leaves contain betulinic acid, which are used to treat malaria. Recent studies have shown that betulinic acid inhibits the growth of cancer cells. In addition Nirdosh, Tende leaves begin collecting from the first week of May and ends in late June. Leaves rip straight from the tree and dried in the sun. For production use some fresh and not damaged leaves.

The wood of this tree is black. It is highly valued, both in India and abroad because of its strength. Of Tende do chess, arm weapons, furniture, decorative figures of animals and gods, and much more. It is believed that the tree Tende has mystical properties. Believe that he is able to protect from evil spirits and demons. In Egyptian tombs also have products made of black wood. In Europe since the late 16 th century was a popular furniture made of ebony.